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January 16, 2011
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Sa'Jara walked down the hall of the barracks to Sergeant Winters personal quarters, her mood was not her usual perky self...after being ordered to partner with Winters on a "special project" she was indeed in a foul mood.

"I can't Believe that Dra'Sha would pair me with such a pig of a man" She thought angrily.

She paused beside the human's door pondering whether or not to just leave a note and go off to make him look bad but her professional ethics soon changed that thought.

"Winters, you're needed, come on lets go!" her voice hinted at the anger she felt as did her knocking on the door.

When she got no reply, she knocked again, before waiting for a while.

"What in the name of the gods is he doing? Has he gone deaf or is he fucking retarded? Computer, open door authorization code "Sasha"." The door beeped and slid open with a hiss.

"Winters your nee…" she pauses seeing a sight she hadn't dreamed of ever witnessing.

Winters and two tigresses going at it full swing of a threesome grunting and groaning like wild animals.

"Go figure taking advantage of these young girls like that, it's sickening to watch." She thought as she snorted in disgust at the scene.

"Atten-HUT!" she yells and snickered as winters stands up and half assumed the position of attention, then flinching slightly.

"Fuck. Who the hell…?" he says, turning around and sees Sa'Jara. "Well, who would have  fucking guessed?" He turned back to the women who were quite confused at the entrance of Sa'Jara. "Sorry ladies, our little fuck fest is gonna have to wait for another day," he said to them.

They quickly got dressed and were escorted out by two guards.

"Okay! What did I do? And why the fuck did you mess up my day Sa'Jara?" asked Winters in a angry tone

"Lieutenant Commander needs you as soon as possible," she replied equally as angry as a hiss rolled off her tongue with the last word.

"Fuck! Let's go," Winters grumbles.

They walked down the great hallway to the Lieutenant Commanders office. After a long while of walking Winters suddenly grabbed Sa'jara's arm and turned her around. Sa'Jara began to claw at his face but her paw was caught by winters other hand and she knew better than to fight to get free as winters was a master in 27 different styles of martial arts, and all of them could be lethal.

" Now!" she hissed at him.

"Look Sa'Jara, before we go in there, please don't tell Dra'Sha about what happened between me and those girls. I don't think it's his business to know, and I also wanted to say I'm sorry for yesterday with corporal lancer, he's … well he's a it a womanizer and for yelling at you it was wrong and I'm sorry" said Winters.

She was shocked looking into his eyes she could tell he was deeply sorry and after a few minutes Winters released her slowly.

"Who you fuck on your own time is just that, your own time and your own business." She said in a hushed tone rubbing her wrists.

She was about to add more to the conversation but the door to Lieutenant Commander's office  flew open which made them both jump in surprise.

"You're late!" snarled Dra'Sha in a raised voice. "This way."

He turned and walked to an elevator door leaving a small trail of smoke behind him.

In a low voice, "Damn, someone didn't get any last night," Winters whispered to a nearby guard.

The guard snickered and followed them as they walked down a flight of stairs to an elevator.

They sat in front of the door to the elevator Dra'Sha tapped his talons on the floor and each time they made a loud click noise against the concrete.

As the elevator arrived Sa'Jara decided to pulls the commander aside.

Sa'Jara spoke up in a weak but worried voice, "S-s-sir, are you okay?" She lightly touched his shoulder and that seemed to calm him down.

"Yes Sa'Jara, I am fine. Alright, this is our stop."  Dra'Sha replied starting to calm down even more as the door opened with a pinging noise.

The group got off the elevator, walked up a small staircase and emerged in a giant round room with all different types of machines and computers that Winters had never even seen before. Technicians busily scurried from monitor to monitor, each one pausing briefly to scribble notes or drink.

"Hmm, glad I chose to see daylight," thought Winters, noting how each of the technicians looked weak and pale, because their job was to work indoors with electronics and most of them didn't see much sun most likely, they reminding him of the walking dead.

Each technician stopped at least once and looked back at Winters and he could see in their eyes that they hadn't slept in a while. Their eyes were blood shot with dark bags sagging beneath each eye like giant pillows. Winters nodded to each one of them. The technician just shook his head as if he knew something Winters didn't, as if he felt sorry for him or possibly that they didn't want to be bothered. They came to a hanger door and Dra'Sha took out a key card and swiped it through the slot. The door slowly creaked open and before them stood a white suit of armor which looked almost angelic but Winters knew it held a less than divine purpose.

"This is the SHIVA armor," Dra'Sha announced. "Your newest piece of equipment so do not lose it!"

"By my calculations, sir…" Winters paused. "It's too damn big to fit in my pocket, so I doubt I'll lose it."

Dra'Sha snickered and nodded to a technician who flipped a switch on a nearby console which made the suit disappear.

"Sweet…it can go invisible," winters said in awe.

"Yes but only for a short time. Fifteen minutes at most, so you make sure to use that time wisely. It takes two hours to recharge the device so usage is limited. Also there's an ability that allows you to devote all your armor's power to its shields, making you a less than a favorable target for heavy gunners and snipers," Dra'Sha explained.

Winters walked around the armor, he honestly felt humbled by the six-foot tall gleaming white suit. The suit reminded him of the old earth television shows he used to watch. The suit had a humanoid appearance and the head seemed to have one large "spike" from the crown of the head  with the top one looking like a unicorns horn, he assumed it was for communication. The other two "spikes" under it were smaller in size, and as they got closer to the "eyes" of the machine. He looked at the long semi round arms and in one hand held a small "machine gun" looking weapon while the other was a blade of some kind. The shoulders hand what looked like small rocket launchers on each side. Winters moved around the back and found two grooves. Upon closer inspection, he found a small channel in the armor he pushed a button and out flew two wing-like appendages.

"What the hell are these things!?" Winters asked in confusion.

"Those are the SHIVA's flight packs. State of the art Hidrop 64's, small but powerful, and they can easily get you well past mach ten without cooking you alive. Don't worry though as your suit also has inertial dampers," a voice from behind called out.  

Winters spun on heel and there before him was a short, oddly dressed man standing only as high as Winter's waist... maybe three or four feet tall. He was wearing a pair of oversized goggles and a lab coat that looked like it had seen better days. His face was stained in black powder burns and his facial hair grew wild, presumably because he didn't have much time to shave. His hair was white but blackened at the base of his skull. Winters thought he looked like a mad scientist from a late night TV show.

"Oh of course, a dwarf," thought Winters after taking a while to think about the odd man.

"I am Professor Short Kumings is the name and making things bigger, faster and stronger is my job." The dwarf announced.

Winters snickered.

"What's your name again?" he asked, trying his best not to smile or laugh.

"Short Kumings," said Professor Short. There was a pause. "Oh, ha ha, very funny" Short growled sarcastically.

"I am sorry, I couldn't resist," laughed Winters.

"Ahem," Dra'Sha interrupted. "Professor, please show Winters how to suit up. We need to get down to testing it."

"Yes, yes, right this way Mr. Winters," said Professor Short.

Winters followed the dwarf. They walked into a room with a black "Nano suit".

"Put that on first," the dwarf instructed.

The Nano suit was a second "skin" mainly used by fighter pilots used to fly their aircrafts. This technology came straight from the end of the third world war on earth. An old but trusted  tool of war it molded itself to the user's skin painlessly enabling the user to interface and control the movement of the machine it "linked" with as if the user and machine where one. Winters pulled the suit on and manually changed it from skintight to his favorite setting baggy "pants" and long sleeves. Winters flicked the forearm switch to engage the Nano link. The suit hummed, glowed a deep red and then turned an eerie grey-white along its circuit pathways. Winters clicked the left side of his head and the Holo-HUD engaged seamlessly.

"All right time to transform and roll out," he thought. making him self snicker at the  80's cartoon reference.

Winters up a long flight of stairs before making it to the control room.

"Well, how do I look?" he asked turning around he held his arms out.

Dra'Sha just shook his head. "Like a god damn hippie. Very well, sergeant. Climb into the suit and let's get started."

Winters Saluted and did a prompt about face before jogging over to his suit.

"Well SHIVA dear, let's get acquainted shall we?" Winters whispered to the machine.

Oddly enough, the machine hummed as if bashfully agreeing with his words.
hey hey another chapter!
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i knew she was going to walk in on them
has the suit got a AI it could be fun if it did
yeah i know its kinda a classic plot to use but meh i like it...and as for the second part.... you'll just have to keep reading
what drew me in was the pic, Id love to know how you do that
well the pic was doen by a freind...guess i shoudl write that in my kinda lazy lol..yeah the pic is kinda a bug lamp
Very cool pic...
well the pic was doen by a freind...guess i shoudl write that in my kinda lazy lol
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